Oil Pump 70-9421 – Triumph Unit Models Twin Cylinder
Designed in Great Britain

Oil Pump 70-9421 – Triumph Unit Models Twin Cylinder

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Made in England and completely CNC profiled from a solid brass material, unlike most replacement pumps which use a generic casting to produce the main body.

New work holding tools have been specifically designed to ensure all critical dimensions can be machined from a single setting. This ensures mounting faces, pump piston bores and ball seatings are all perfectly aligned. The machining centre is fully equipped with Renishaw probes for in-cycle inspection checks during the manufacturing process.

Pump pistons are precision ground to ensure a close body to piston tolerance. Each pump is CNM checked and individual plungers are closely matched to pump bores on assembly.

Each pump is supplied with an accurately machined drive block to ensure correct piston stroke

OEM: 70-9421, 70-3878, 70-6928

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 cm
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