KING & QUEEN 2 GEL SEAT FOR America and Speedmaster to 2016.
Designed in Great Britain

KING & QUEEN 2 GEL SEAT FOR America and Speedmaster to 2016.

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£449.17 Exc. VAT Part Number: HBK310G2

The Norman Hyde King & Queen seat gives much more comfortable passenger provision than any of the original equipment versions. It is UK made with a quality one piece moulded foam interior. This version includes a super comfort internal gel pad in both the driver and passenger positions. See HBK310 and HBK310G for other options

These seats are designed not to use the central locking post. This does not affect there performance in any way.

For two up comfort this really is the king of king and queen seats. Our gel inserts are thick and effective. This is a buy it once upgrade. To be considering this seat you are clearly a rider who travels with company. The stock suspension really isn’t very good, adding a passenger and possibly luggage ( our luggage range caters for all needs) does not improve it! Please call to discuss if you need more information on our Ikon or K-Tech suspension upgrades. We can massively improve the comfort of your cruiser.

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