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New T100 Bonneville header pipes

T100_polished_headers_close-LRNew from Norman Hyde, these highly polished header pipes will fit all modern T100 model Triumph Bonnevilles and will improve the looks of older machines with tarnished headers. They also enable owners to replace the headers containing a catalytic converter, found on later models, and those with an an unsightly lambda sensor boss, fitted to EFI bikes.

Made in England from 304 grade stainless steel, the pipes have an outside diameter of 42mm and are designed to fit all T100 machines, including earlier pre-injection Bonnevilles fitted with 38mm headers, giving them a more traditional appearance.

Fitting the stainless headers to EFI models allows owners to dispense with the protruding lambda sensors, without leaving the welded bosses that spoil the Bonneville's classic styling. The ECU can be programmed to switch off the sensors, so that performance will not be affected.

Norman Hyde header pipes are designed to fit his HBS105 classic and HBS165 peashooter silencers, as well as the factory-fitted Triumph originals.

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