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Floating brake discs for Bonneville T140D

We have introduced a floating brake disc for the Bonneville T140D. Launched in 1979, the T140D Bonneville was fitted with seven-spoke American mag-alloy wheels, which had six mounting points for the solid brake disc, as opposed to four on previous models. Our floating disc is a direct replacement for the original 10-inch rigid item. Manufactured in the UK, it has a stainless steel rotor with an alloy centre. Because the rotor 'floats' it works more efficiently with the Bonneville’s 2-piston Lockheed caliper, creating a system that is self-centering and self-adjusting. This offers better contact between disc and pads, to improve control and braking. The 10" Hyde floating brake disc retails for £186- (including VAT). For T140D owners who require a bit more 'bite' from their brakes, we also offer a 12-inch diameter version, which is supplied with a spacer kit to move the caliper so that it will accept the larger rotor. The 12-inch kits cost £238.80 including VAT.

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