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Speed record T shirts

Norman Hyde has commissioned two new designs of T-shirt to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his FIM world sidecar land speed record. Driving an 850cc Triumph Trident powered outfit and reaching speeds in excess of 180mph, Norman recorded an average speed of 161.8 miles per hour (260.30 km/h) at RAF Fairford in 1972.  Both designs are printed on 100% American heavyweight cotton shirts featuring the Triumph logo prominently. One is printed on the front only in a distressed finish, while the other is printed on both sides, with a large photograph of the record-breaking Roadrunner III outfit on the front.  Available in sizes small, medium, large, X-large and XXL Norman Hyde's 40th anniversary T-shirts sell for £20- including VAT.  Talk to us on +44 (0)1926 832345 or order direct from our on-line shop here

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