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Sidecar speed record anniversary

Norman Hyde is celebrating the 40th anniversary of his World Sidecar Land Speed Record, which he set at RAF Fairford in September 1972.  On his supercharged 850cc Triumph Trident powered Roadrunner3 outfit Norman was timed at an average speed of 161.8 mph. 

“It was deafeningly noisy inside the aluminium body and without ventilation it was incredibly hot too, and very jittery – the front wheel lifted at 170mph. It was all untested at those speeds” recalls Hyde.

This was not Norman's first speed record.  In 1968 he took the World Record for a standing start 1/4 mile in his Triumph 350cc sidecar outfit, reaching a top speed of 120mph, and in 1969 he beat the World Record for a standing start kilometre on a Triumph 500cc twin (set by the works Gilera two years previously) hitting 131 mph.  To achieve the record competitors had to carry the weight of a passenger in the sidecar, so those Triumph twins were effectively propelling two people!

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