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Hyde pipe work for Triumph cruisers

Triumph specialist Norman Hyde has expanded his range of silencers to include options for Triumph’s America and Speedmaster in response to increasing demand from owners of these modern British cruisers.

Two styles are produced for the America and Speedmaster; for those favouring a look reminiscent of American choppers there are slash cut pipes, whereas owners who prefer a classic British appearance can opt for the peashooter silencers, with a slimmer design inspired by the items originally seen on Norton Commandos.

Hyde silencers are hand made, polished & plated in England and packed with modern stainless steel wool lagging.  Fully tested on EFI-model bikes, they fit and work without the need for any modifications, providing a simple way to enhance the appearance and sound of the latest Triumph cruisers. They are also supplied with optional mutes that may be fitted/removed by the owner, giving two possible levels of sound output.

Supplied with all necessary fittings, retail prices start at £354 per pair including VAT.  Call 01926 832345 for details.

Norman Hyde slash silencer for Triumph Speedmaster

Note - due to the classic design of these exhausts they do not comply with current noise and emissions requirements and are not E-marked, so they are not legal for use on British roads.

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