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Dear customers,

I was fortunate to work for eight years at Triumph, Meriden followed by two years at Norton Triumph International in Birmingham, West Midlands. As Development Engineer I worked directly under Doug Hele, Chief Development Engineer whose immediate boss was Bert Hopwood. Chief Design Engineer was Brian Jones. These men largely shaped the British industry, with designs for Norton and BSA as well as Triumph and so it gave me experience that is second to none to have worked with these gentlemen.

My involvement with the racing programme ranged from design of competition components, many hours of dynamometer testing checking out inter-relations between compressor ratios, port sizes, ignition timing, exhaust pipe dimensions etc. and through to test days and race meetings. Before Tridents I was carrying out this type of work on 500cc Daytona Twins and 650CC and 750cc twin racers.

Other diverse projects with which I was either directly or indirectly associated include the OHC Trident, the Quadrant, 350cc Bandit, 900cc Thunderbird 3 (T180) and Norton Commando 8 Valve. I have always enjoyed riding machines such as these and I still get a great thrill from being on the road.

Ever since I started the company in 1976 I have tried to uphold the standards of design, production, sales and service which people have come to expect from the British Industry.

Safe Riding

Norman Hyde